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Responsible and Sustainable

Having completed a significant amount of research, we will gladly explain the financial and moral benefits of investing ethically. Essentially, we have 3 approaches alongside traditional investments:

  1. Screened Solutions; You may have a moral objection to a specific sector of the market, (for example weapons manufacturing) we can find a solution that will avoid such investments.

  2. ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) Leaders; The investment manager will consider the risks associated with companies in terms of their ESG ratings: “High scoring on ESG factors could signal to stakeholders a more sustainable and resilience business with superior prospects to survive and thrive”.

  3. Positive Impact; Linked to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals which were agreed by 197 United Nations countries at the Paris Agreement in 2015. The aim of these portfolios is to invest with a view of having a positive impact on a number of the goals.

Each portfolio is designed with a view of achieving strong investment returns, and we feel the days of sacrificing returns to invest ethically are long gone.

We are proud to recommend solutions that can demonstrate a positive impact including ESG portfolios that demonstrate a reduction in carbon emissions.

Here’s an example of what an investment of £100,000 can do for the environment and for people (social).

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