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Advance Tax Planning

Examples of tax that advice can help reduce:

Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Employer and Employee National Savings.

For high earners and high-net-worth clients (in particular) efficient and well thought out tax planning can add significantly to your capital values and/or avoid unnecessary tax. Added to this the compounding effect of investment returns though delaying or avoiding tax over many years.

There are a broad range of solutions, however, we assess and advise how to:

  1. Reduce Income Tax and National Insurance on your earned income. You may be earning over £100,000 where your annual personal allowance has reduced (maybe to nil); we may be able to help you get this back.

  2. Avoid tax penalties; it’s quite possible for those earning over £200,000 to fall foul of exceeding reduced pension contribution annual allowances; we can help assess this.

  3. Tax planning through Tax Wrappers. An ISA (Individual Savings Account) is a tax wrapper, as is a pension. We will recommend appropriate tax wrappers after assessment of what tax liabilities you may have in the future (including Capital Gains Tax).

  4. Investment solutions within your Tax Wrappers. We may recommend splitting your portfolio with different assets held in different tax wrappers, helping to reduce tax liabilities whilst maintaining a risk profiled portfolio.

  5. Venture Capital Trusts (VCT) and (Seed) Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS / EIS). Our philosophy is not to let the tax tail wag the investment dog. We will recommend higher risk solutions such as VCT/EIS only if we feel you have appropriate investment experience and an appropriate appetite for risk (i.e. your risk profile).

  6. Inheritance Tax (IHT) Planning: Inheritance Tax is often referred to as a voluntary tax because planning appropriately can avoid or mitigate IHT. As with every aspect of financial planning, there are a myriad of solutions in this area, including various trusts, gifts, allowances, life insurance and investments that make use of Business Property Relief. Even simple paperwork provided to your pension provider/trustees can avoid IHT.

  7. In retirement, we can help design a portfolio using the features of different tax wrappers to provide you with a tax efficient income, potentially saving you thousands of pounds in tax.


We serve a wide range of clients including Directors, solicitors, accountants, professional footballers (retired and playing), as well as clients who are in senior management roles.

Education Planning: Some investments allow the capital to be owned by a parent, but withdrawals can be made following a change of ownership within the plan. This can be a very useful tool to avoid (say) a higher rate tax paying parent paying higher rate tax on the withdrawal, and using the personal allowance of a child which could mean at least a portion of the withdrawal not being taxed and a large withdrawal being taxed at basic rate.

We are proud to help our clients reduce their tax liabilities.

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